It's Time for Marriage in the Americas
All families should be treated with respect.
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Civil Marriage in the Americas

Civil Marriage
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Many people of faith understand that we can make religious choices in our own lives but still respect others’ desire to obtain a civil marriage license.

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Extending civil marriage to same-sex couples across Latin America creates a competitive business climate and enables companies to attract and retain top talent.

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On January 8, 2018, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued a landmark advisory opinion (OC-24) affirming that all signatory countries should extend all existing legal protections - including marriage - to same-sex couples.

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Voices for Civil Marriage

When I learned that my daughter is a lesbian, I said: 'Daughter, I love you, I respect you, I will be by your side.'

- Adolfo – Costa Rica

As a small business owner, I know that our community is at its strongest when we are inclusive. And small and medium companies can play a leading role in raising our voice to promote a more inclusive economy - it's the smart thing to do in terms of business too! Success for small business owners like me depends on maintaining a welcoming environment for everyone."

- Marta Mendez, Business Owner – Guatemala

Back in 2007, Yami and I met at work - and the rest is history. Like any good relationship, we've both grown and changed over the last 12 years. But through it all - from celebrating new degrees, to major career changes to making dinners together every night - one thing has remained constant: Every day, we're there to support and love each other. Now, we simply want what all other couples want: To build a life together and finally marry in Panama, the place we call home."

- Yami and Jessica – Panama

At first, it was very difficult for my husband and I to accept that our daughter's sexual orientation was going to make her life much more difficult because of the lack of equality in our society. We thought that the best way to defend her from such difficulties, however, was only through our unconditional love."

- Patricia Gandinni – Guatemala

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Sí Acepto, Perú – María Callañaupa

In this launch video of the Sí, Acepto Peru campaign, meet María, the mother of Katy and José Armando. She speaks about her children, including her son José, who is gay, and how she dreams of him being able to marry his spouse in Huancayo and experience love and acceptance across Peru.

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It’s Time to Extend Civil Marriage to Same-Sex Couples in Latin America
Allowing gay and lesbian people to share in civil marriage strengthens families and harms no one.
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Quick Facts on Marriage in the Americas

countries in Latin America where same-sex couples can marry.

Families are strengthened and no one is harmed when same-sex couples can share in civil marriage.

of people in Latin America live in a country where same-sex couples can share in civil marriage

Momentum is building for same-sex couples across Latin America to be able to share in marriage.