Status of Marriage Law

Same-sex couples in Nicaragua cannot marry or pursue any other way to see their relationships recognized.

History of Pro-Marriage Efforts

The movement for civil marriage for same-sex couples took a serious blow in Nicaragua in June 2014, when the Congress adopted a new “Family Code” underlining that marriage is only between a man and a woman. The Family Code also codified its exclusion of same-sex couples from adopting children jointly. 

Activists have buzzed a bit about bringing the freedom to marry to Nicaragua – some have even celebrated symbolic weddings.

Status of Other LGBT-Related Laws

  • Homosexuality is decriminalized in Nicaragua and has been since March 2008.
  • LGBT people are protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation in some areas of the penal code.
  • Hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation bias are held to a higher legal standard in Nicaragua, the same as hate crimes motivated by gender or race.
  • The country signed onto the United Nations “joint statement on ending acts of violence and related human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity” in 2011.