The Williams Institute Amicus Brief to the Constitutional Court of Colombia

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  • Country: Colombia
    Year: 2014
    Filed By: The Williams Institute
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    The Williams Institute submitted a brief to the Constitutional Court of Colombia, explaining:  (1) many LGB people become parents in a variety of ways; (2) lesbian, gay, and heterosexual parents show little differences in regard to mental health, parenting stress, and parenting competence; (3) there are few differences between children raised by same-sex parents and heterosexual parents in terms of self-esteem, quality of life, psychological adjustment, or social functioning; (4) the relationship between a child and his or her LGB parents has not been found to differ with that of children raised by heterosexual couples in terms of parental warmth, emotional involvement, and quality of relationship; and (5) the lack of legal recognition of the second parent in a same-sex relationship may threaten the parent-child relationship after the dissolution of the parent’s relationship.

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